Medieval Cruciform Sword 13th century
"sunt hic etiam sua praecuna laudi"
Venice 17th century
French Louis Philippe dress sword c.1830
German imperial lion head sword with ruby eyes
Reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II
Austro-Hungarian officer sword with royal monogram of Franz Josef
and imperial double-headed eagle coat of arms 19th century
Cup-hilt rapier with Solingen blade
c.18th-19th century
Napoleonic Imperial Guard Cavalry saber with blue and gilt blade
Hungarian Hussar Sabre with hand engraved blade
Talismatic symbols and Latin inscription
17th century
Hungarian Nobleman Kilij 18th-19th C.
Semiprecious gemstones
Scottish Basket Hilted Backsword 18th C.
17th century Transylvanian sword with hand engraved blade
Latin inscription with coat of arms and mystic symbolism
Two Karabelas
Poland c.18th century
Khazar saber North Caucasus region
c.8 - 9th century
German Rapier
Mark of the "Running Wolf" 1666
British M1796 Cavalry Saber
"Dieu et mon droit"
Indo Persian Tulwar Executioner Sword
Husarska 18th century
Cross of Lorraine, laurels
Napoleonic Officer Sword 19th C.
Mother of Pearl handle
Royal monogram of Louis XIV House of Bourbon
Spanish "Puerto Seguro" Cavalry Sword
Early 20th C.
Turkish Imperial Dress Sword
Ivory handle and original portapee
Polish 19th C. Revolutionary Sword
Blue and gilt engravings
15th-16th century
Romania - Carpathian mountain range
Venetian broadsword
Holy cross aperture, latin inscription
18th-19th c. Persian Shamshir
Epee de combat (Dueling sword)
Signed and blued
Black Army of Hungary sword
(The Black Legion)
15th c.